WATCH: Man Sets Gas Pump on Fire To Kill Spider on His Car [VIDEO]

A guy in Center Line, Michigan, was filling up his car at a gas station, and saw this spider on his car, and it must’ve been pretty big because the guy decided to kill it by lighting the gasoline pouring out of his hose. As you can see in this still from the surveillance video, that totally worked.
But, as you can see by the Detroit news report below, people are still making fun of the guy because he also managed to burn up a gasoline pump. He’s still alive, though, and the spider is dead. We don’t see how there’s a problem. A quick-thinking attendant turned off the gas line, so it’s not like there was some kind of big explosion. Just a minor explosion, and that spider is dead.
Besides, the guy probably got the idea by watching Point Break. It’s not a crime to watch Point Break, you know…
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