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Kaley Cuoco¬†is one of television’s biggest stars, but we got the biggest bang out of The Big Bang Theory star when the blonde beauty announced that her whole marriage had just gone…um, bang. It seems like only yesterday that Kaley started all kinds of rumors with a kinda-wedding to Ryan Sweeting on the Ellen talk show. Actually, it was probably around November, and then Kaley married her tennis-player boyfriend for real on New Year’s Eve, 2013.
It was a fire-and-ice themed wedding. That might have been a sign. Now we have Kaley announcing her divorce after 21 whole months of marriage–probably because she kept¬†thinking of the 21 seconds of sheer pleasure that she could be getting from a COED editor. Also, “Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting” never sounded right. Now check out some classic Kaley to see why it’s a big deal that she’s back on the market.
In October 2017, Cuoco founded Yes, Norman Productions, a film and television production company which entered an exclusive multi-year first look production deal with Warner Bros. Television.

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