You'll Never Guess Where the "City of Sex" Is…

Welcome to the city of Dongguan, also known as “The City of Sex”. Located in south China’s Guangdong Province, Dongguan is known for the production of popular electronics such as iPhones and iPads, but they’re also known for something far more provocative: being China’s, and therefore the world’s, “City of Sex”.

So many questions, I know. How was this qualified? Who decided this? Why aren’t I living in Dongguan? Will I ever understand the second season of True Detective? Sorry, that last one isn’t related, but I still can’t wrap my head around what the f*ck happened this season.

Anyway, back to Dongguan. The reason Dongguan received this notorious title actually has to do with crucial infrastructure foundations such as economics, business, and child labor laws. Didn’t see that coming, did you? As we all know, China operated under a one child policy  for many years, creating a massive gender imbalance, with millions more men than women. However, in Dongguan, local factories in the area running assembly plants find men unreliable and instead offer work mainly to women, flipping that imbalance on it’s head.

The ratio of women to men is so grand that locals have been quoted as saying things like “it’s a ‘joke’ for a man to only have one girlfriend” and that “”it is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job.” In fact, according to the Guangdong Women’s Rights and Information Service, the women in Dongguan pretend not to know about other partners or simply ignore their existence; some of them are even colleagues in the same factory.
Uhhhhhhh….. wow. Talk about potential baby mama drama. I can barely handle my relationship with my right hand, let alone multiple girlfriends. Good luck with all of that, men of Dongguan.

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