Scottish Man Spends 3 Years Building World's Largest Lego Model, Only to be Beaten by an AMERICAN

Jim McDonough of Scotland really loves Legos, so much so that he spent three years of his life building one. WTF?! The man must have a lot of time on his hands.
Discounting family, I don’t think I love anything in the world as much as this dude loves Legos. I can’t even stay committed to something for three days, let alone three years.

Anyways, McDonough, a fisherman from Redford, Scotland, spent three years of his life building what he thought would be the biggest Lego model in the world in his garage – a 24ft scale model of 890ft US warship USS Missouri. However, much to his dismay, the lego-loving zealot fell short.
When he started back in 2012, his research told him his model would be the biggest in the world. However, he failed to account for the lego-loving dudes out there searching for the American Dream.
After three years of hard work, McDonough realized his epic failure: he didn’t recheck his original research, and the title actually belongs to America’s own Lego-extremist, Dan Siskind of Minneapolis.
Siskind used more than 1 million Legos to recreate the 1/35th scale of the USS Missouri. The worst part about this whole situation for McDonough? Siskind’s model only beat his by a couple of inches.
You can check out Siskind’s beast in the video below.
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Yet again, we can chalk this up as the latest example of America being awesome at everything, even the most menial of tasks, and the rest of the world being inferior.
United States : 1, Scotland (and the rest of the world): 0
With all that said, I wonder how long it took Siskind to complete his model…

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