ASU’s Welcome Week Was A Good Sign Of What’s To Come

ASU Welcome Week 2015

As expected, ASU‘s Welcome Week was a wild time. Normally what happens is that freshman arrive, try and go get crazy, and then somehow end up arrested or with a MIC or MIP ticket–which ruins their entire year.

That’s unfortunately exactly what happened this year, despite what this video might say.

Yes, the MICs and MIPs went down because the “Safe and Sober” program was cut, but police were still going hard. They did entire sweeps of apartment complexes, which is crazy if you really think about it. But was that really going to stop the party? Hell no. This is ASU. This is Welcome Week. You’ve got hot chicks, house parties, and months of summer to make up for. Turn up.

And here’s a preview of the craziest Welcome Week party, brought to you by N0TFAMOUS_YET.

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