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Arizona State University

Oct 20, 2017

Morgan Hancock

ABOUT Morgan Arizona State University, Senior Why did you choose your school and what makes it better than the...

Aug 2, 2017

ASU Student Says She’ll Send All Unsolicited D-Pics To Their Mothers, And One Dude Sees If She’s Bluffing

A 20-year-old ASU student was tired of all the unsolicited d*ck pics sliding in DMs everywhere. She decided to speak...

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Jul 19, 2017

Kathleen Cram

ABOUT Kathleen Arizona State University, Why did you choose your school and what makes it better than the rest?...

Jul 18, 2017

Kenzie Brown

ABOUT Kenzie ASU Arizona State University, Junior Why did you choose your school and what makes it better than...

Mar 28, 2017

Undocumented Arizona State Student Goes Viral For Posting Tax Return On Facebook

Belén Sisa is a 23-year-old undocumented immigrant and student at Arizona State University. She is originally from Argentina, and she’s...

Oct 19, 2016

WATCH: Arizona State’s Kappa Sigma Chapter Hosts A Banger Of A Pool Party

Arizona State University’s Kappa Sigma chapter recently threw a casual get-together with some of their closest friends at the Maya...

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Oct 10, 2016

ASU vs University of Arizona: Who Has The Better Student Section

Who has the greatest student section of all time? A question that has raised much debate between conferences for decades....

Michaela Moriarty

ABOUT Michaela Arizona State University, Sophomore I love my college because… Arizona State holds so many opportunities for students...

Sep 5, 2016

WATCH: This TKE ASU Fraternity Rush Video Will Make You Want To Transfer

Unless you’re currently a student at Arizona State University or you’re open to transferring schools, don’t watch this TKE rush...

Aug 31, 2016

WATCH: Chi Phi Brothers At ASU Put Together A Legit AF Recruitment Video

We write a ton about Arizona State University for good reason, and these brothers at the Chi Phi fraternity seem...

Aug 19, 2016

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Aug 1, 2016

WATCH: The ASU Alpha Phi Recruitment Video Will Blow Your Socks Off

Today will be remembered as the day that Alpha Phi recruitment videos took over the internet. Not only did we...

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Jul 19, 2016

WATCH: ADPi Arizona State University Rush Video

The ladies of Arizona State University’s Alpha Delta Pi sorority have made a rush video for the ages. Obviously it...

Jul 10, 2016

WATCH: ‘Alpha Class’ Trailer — Explosive ASU Frat Documentary [VIDEO]

You won't hear the fraternity's name mentioned in this trailer — but it wasn't made by outsiders...

May 11, 2016

WATCH: ASU Phi Gamma Pajama Jam 2016 Party Recap Video

ASU’s Phi Gamma Delta fraternity threw a party, because that’s what you do when you’re a fraternity at Arizona State...

Jan 26, 2016

WATCH: Arizona State’s Pi Kappa Alpha Debuts Sick Rush Video

If there’s one thing Arizona State University knows how to do right, it’s party. If you don’t believe us, then...

Dec 28, 2015

Michael Phelps Plans to Coach at Arizona State University Following The 2016 Olympics

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, has plans to coach at Arizona State University during the 2016-2017 season...

Nov 5, 2015

12-Year-Old Canadian Found Responsible For 4Chan Threat

Remember that ASU shooting threat that was posted to 4Chan earlier this week? Well believe it or not, police announced...

Nov 2, 2015

ASU Police Investigating Online Shooting Threat Posted To 4Chan

ASU police are investigating an anonymous threat made on 4Chan Sunday afternoon. Since the gunman at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College...

Nov 2, 2015

ASU Halloween: Hottest Costumes of 2015

ASU has a ton of things going for them. One, the girls – have you seen the Miss COED 2016...

Oct 29, 2015

Oregon Vs. ASU Cheerleaders: Hot Halloween Costume Showdown

The Oregon Ducks and the ASU Sun Devils play tonight in a pre-Halloween football bash. The truth of the matter...

Oct 12, 2015

Sahailie Hunt

ABOUT Sahailie Arizona State University, Freshman MY COLLEGE KICKS ASS BECAUSE… I love my college because it’s sunny all...

Oct 9, 2015

WATCH: The Famous ASU Baseball Selfie Girls Appeared on Ellen

The Arizona State University Alpha Chi Omega girls who have been called the “Sorority Baseball Selfie Girls” have been getting...

Oct 1, 2015

WATCH: ASU’s AXO Sorority Girls Can’t Stop Taking Selfies, Win Diamondbacks Game

The Alpha Chi Omega girls of Arizona State University just hit it big time after they were a major topic...

Sep 30, 2015

Madison McKay

ABOUT Madison Arizona State University, Junior MY COLLEGE KICKS ASS BECAUSE… Beautiful weather 24/7, hot students, a positive energetic...

Sep 28, 2015

Instagram Girl of the Week: Sahalie Hunt, ASU

Meet Sahalie, a nursing student at Arizona State University and this week’s Instagram Girl of the Week. A member of...

Sep 23, 2015

Illyra Vote

ABOUT Illyra Arizona State University, Senior MY COLLEGE KICKS ASS BECAUSE… I love Arizona State University because not only...

Sep 9, 2015

ASU Goes Buck Wild For Labor Day Weekend

Over the memorial break many Sun Devils went out and had a good time. Some of us had a little too much fun.

Sep 3, 2015

ASU Football Schedule 2015: Arizona State Sun Devils Game Dates

There is a certain excitement level surrounding the Arizona State Sun Devils this season. That excitement will be heightened if...

Aug 28, 2015

Alecia Occhipinti

ABOUT Alecia Arizona State University MY COLLEGE KICKS ASS BECAUSE… I love my college because we live under the sun....

Aug 26, 2015

ASU’s Welcome Week Was A Good Sign Of What’s To Come

As expected, ASU‘s Welcome Week was a wild time. Normally what happens is that freshman arrive, try and go get...

Aug 25, 2015

WATCH: Dude Asks ASU Students to ‘Netflix & Chill,’ & They Get Really Confused

What exactly does “netflix and chill” mean? Like I have Netflix, and I think I like to chill? But I...

Aug 7, 2015

ASU Sun Devils Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos Of The Squad

Anyone who’s anybody knows that Arizona schools have some of the hottest girls in the nation, especially Arizona State. Their...

Jul 31, 2015

ASU Awesome New Football Jerseys With Pat Tillman Tribute

Not only does Arizona State University have the hottest college babes ever, but If you love flashy football uniforms then...

Jul 22, 2015

Miss COED 2016 Contestant Spotlight: Alecia Occhipinti, ASU

She designs the interiors of private jets. Yes, you heard that right.

Jun 11, 2015

WATCH: Sorority Girl Rides Shopping Cart Down Stairs On Video

When you get a video of a good looking sorority girl riding a shopping cart down the stairs, you stop...

May 18, 2015

Claudia Drinnan, ASU Student Sets Fire To Boyfriend’s Condo

Claudia Drinnan, an ASU student studying Non-Profit Management and ADPi sister, has been arrested for trying to burn down her...

May 1, 2015

Instagram Girl Of The Week: Madison Danker, ASU

This all-American beauty wants to work in a male-dominated industry (I think they'll gladly accept her).

May 1, 2015

ASU Cancelled Their Undie Run, So An ASU Student Held One Anyways [VIDEO]

Believe it or not, there are still some good people in this world.

Apr 7, 2015

Starbucks Doubles College Tuition Reimbursement Plan

Just another reason to love Starbucks.

Mar 20, 2015

WATCH: Bud Light’s Lake Havasu Spring Break House Of Whatever [VIDEO]

Bud Light set up four separate Bud Light Houses Of Whatever in celebration of Spring Break at four different party...

Mar 16, 2015

ASU Spring Break 2015 Goes Global [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

The same ASU students who’ve made a name for themselves as one of the wildest campuses decided that it was...

Mar 13, 2015

WATCH: Lake Havasu, AZ Spring Break College Boat Party [VIDEO]

Spring Break in Lake Havasu is something that needs to be experienced to believe, but if that’s not a possibility...

Mar 12, 2015

The Hottest Girls Of Lake Havasu Spring Break 2015 [PHOTOS]

Lake Havasu Spring Break 2015 is still going very strong, but our team is back in New York City after...

Mar 5, 2015

15 Reasons Why ASU Parties Harder Than Your School

There are people who believe that their school parties hard, then there are Arizona State University students who know the...

Feb 19, 2015

WATCH: James Harden Jersey Retired At ASU [VIDEO]

James Harden had his jersey #13 retired last night by ASU, officially making him one of Arizona State University’s best...

Feb 4, 2015

WATCH: ASU Dimes Launch Party With Over 1K Students In Attendance [VIDEO]

Only in these United States of America could you find a place in the middle of the desert where thousands...

Feb 2, 2015

Jimmy Fallon Tricks ASU Into Searching For Him On Campus [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon hosted Sunday night’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon live from Phoenix, AZ. But not before he trolled...

Jan 19, 2015

ASU Phi Kappa Psi’s “Rugged Logger and Sexy Joggers” Party [VIDEO]

Arizona State University‘s Phi Kappa Psi threw an awesome “Rugged Loggers and Sexy Joggers” themed-party recently. Not only does does...

Jan 12, 2015

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Picks ASU to Win CFP National Championship

Late night funny man Jimmy Kimmel made a bold prediction on ESPN today picking ASU to win the first ever...

Jan 12, 2015

Is This ASU’s New Adidas Football Jersey For 2015 [PHOTO]

Late last year we reported that Adidas had secured the uniform rights for Arizona State University, and it now looks...

Jan 6, 2015

Hot Rockclimber Sierra Blair-Coyle Chalks Up Another Win For ASU

In addition to being one of our nation’s top female rockclimbers, Arizona State University‘s own Sierra Blair-Coyle might be the...

Dec 16, 2014

Snoop Dogg And ASU Are A Formidable Party Team

Something tells me that “Team Adidas” isn’t going to get in much practice time if Coach Snoop is in charge...

Dec 12, 2014

The 60 Most Awesome ASU Party Photos of 2014

There are a lot of factors that go into making Arizona State University one of our favorite colleges to write...

Nov 28, 2014

ASU Girls #ForkEm for hAteWeek [PHOTOS]

It doesn’t get any crazier than “Hate Week”–the period of time leading up to “The Duel In The Desert” between...

Nov 17, 2014

ASU Will Install Prescription Drugs Vending Machines On Campus

Arizona State University will become the first college in the United States to install a vending machine for prescription drugs–it’s...

Nov 5, 2014

It’s Scary How Much Fun ASU’s Halloweekend Parties Looked [VIDEO]

We’re all about the ASU lifestyle and education, so how come we’re constantly blown away by how much fun their...

Nov 3, 2014

Of Course ASU Halloweekend Was Ridiculously Hot [163 PHOTOS]

One night of Halloween isn’t enough for a party school like Arizona State University, so they choose to celebrate over...

Oct 7, 2014

ASU’s Pi Kappa Phi Bid Night Was Yakshemash, Great Success [VIDEO]

The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity may have been founded at the College of Charleston in 1904, but it seems to...

Sep 25, 2014

This Week in ASU Awesomeness: September 24th [PHOTOS]

There’s been a lot of gnarliness at Arizona State University leading up to tonight’s HUUUUUGE home game against the UCLA...

Sep 25, 2014

At ASU, Even Cops Get In On The Beer Pong Games [PHOTOS]

Update: This happened outside of Wells Fargo Arena where students are camping out to get tickets to the UCLA game...

Sep 12, 2014

ASU Brings Us a Jetpack That Can Make You Run Faster [VIDEO]

Mankind has always dreamed of being able to fly and even though we have things like planes and helicopters, what...

Sep 9, 2014

ASU Students Be Like… [58 PHOTOS]

You know, not just any student can be an Arizona State University student. That’s like calling up Sylvester Stallone and...

Aug 29, 2014

Video Recap Of The Non-Stop Party That Was ASU’s Welcome Week

As you can only imagine (unless you’re a Sun Devil yourself) “Welcome Week” at Arizona State University was batsh*t insane. ...

Aug 29, 2014

ASU Bros Get In Two “F*ck Her Right In The Pu**y” On Live TV [VIDEO]

When Alex Baldwin of Channel 3 was sent down to Sun Devils stadium to cover the schools banishment of drinks...

Aug 26, 2014

This New ASU Apartment Complex Is Amazing [PHOTOS]

Want to feel absolutely awful about your disgusting dorm room? You have to see these pictures of The District on...

Aug 25, 2014

ASU’s Delta Zeta Recruitment Video Is Hotter Than Summer In Tempe

For what it’s worth, your decision to not go to Arizona State was pretty poor. Unfortunately, these Fall 2014 recruitment...

Aug 25, 2014

This Week in ASU Awesomeness: Welcome Week 2014 Edition [45 PHOTOS]

Classes at Arizona State University began last week and we’ve already got a fantastic recap of ratchetness from what many...

Jul 29, 2014

ASU’s Sigma Kappa Recruitment Video Is Hotter Than Real, Active Volcano [VIDEO]

Photos and Tumblrs were just the beginning of the the Great Sorority War of the 21st Century. This summer we’ve...

Jul 9, 2014

4th Of July Weekend At ASU Is What You’d Refer To As “Turnt” [VIDEO]

It’s crazy to think that even during the dog days of summer, ASU is the college party that you read/dream...

May 22, 2014

ASU Spring Pool Party Gets Turnt With Hot Chicks And No Mention Of Class [VIDEO]

This video of ASU’s spring parties sums up everything that you should look for in a college: tons of hot ...

May 22, 2014

ASU Awesomeness: Graduation Edition [46 PHOTOS]

In honor of ASU’s class of 2014–who graduated last weekend–we decided to post one last edition of ASU Awesomeness this...

May 15, 2014

The ASU Experience Summed Up in One Pic [50 PHOTOS]

ASU gets a lot of attention for being a college kid's dream--mostly because it really is.

May 5, 2014

ASU Student Absolutely Dominated By Protestor And Mark [VIDEO]

We set the scene at ASU, where strangely enough there are zero chicks in bikinis.

May 1, 2014

50 Hottest Photos From ASU’s Wet Electric Pool Party 2014

There’s no denying that ASU students and residents of Tempe, AZ throw some absolute bangers when it comes to pool...

Mar 11, 2014

This Week in ASU Awesomeness: Spring Break Edition [38 PHOTOS]

After yesterday’s insane post about SUNY schools and the crazy stuff they get into, we decided it was time to...

Feb 18, 2014

This Week in ASU Awesomeness: February 18th [PHOTOS]

It seems like our “ASU Awesomeness” posts are getting a good amount of attention because this morning we had in...

Feb 3, 2014

This Week in ASU Awesomeness: February 3rd [35 PHOTOS]

It’s been too long since we last checked in with one of the rowdiest schools in the country, ASU, and...

Jan 21, 2014

Fraternity Gets Suspended for Throwing Dumb Racist Party on MLK Day

We don’t believe in the stereotype that fraternities (and frat brothers) are stupid–but, you know, some things just can’t be...

Dec 6, 2013

30 Pounds Of Ecstasy Seized From ASU Student’s Apartment [VIDEO]

Arizona State University has been in college news a lot lately, it’s just unfortunate that today that news involves the...

Dec 5, 2013

76 Spirited Frat Pics To Celebrate The First Frat—-Established December 5, 1776 [PHOTOS]

It’s no coincidence that the first United States college fraternity was formed on December 5, 1776--and we're saluting academic freedom!