Jenn Sterger: Hottest Photos of FSU Cowgirl

As far as hot college football fans go, no one can ever touch what Jenn Sterger and the FSU Cowgirls brought to the table. Brent Mussberger once famously said that “1,500 red blooded American just decided to apply to Florida State University” after ABC aired a shot of Jenn rocking an FSU cowboy hat and red bikini during the FSU-Miami game.

Since then, Jenn’s stayed in the spotlight working for media companies, modeling, and hosting numerous television shows and specials. Most famously though, she was also the subject of a scandal involving Brett Favre when she publicly admitted the Jets QB had sent her unsolicited d*ck pics via text message.

So with all that media exposure and modeling, there’s no surprise that Jenn’s got some seriously sexy photos to choose from. Check out our list of her 22 hottest photos in the gallery below.

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