15 Reasons Why Rutgers Parties Harder Than Your School

There are people who believe that their school parties hard, then there are Rutgers University students who know the truth. This post is for those in the former group.

New Jersey catches a lot of heat. Whether be from our friends at the “Jersey Shore”, Governor Christie, or any other cliched New Jersey related joke, Jersey certainly is one of the more scrutinized states in the union. I mean, how many jokes do you ever hear about North Dakota or Vermont? Despite being perceived as “the armpit of America,” New Jersey is one of the greatest states in this fine nation.

However, the greatest aspect of Jersey isn’t our beaches, our proximity to New York, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City, or even those two “New York” football teams that call East Rutherford home. It’s Rutgers University.

After its first year in the Big Ten, Rutgers has burst onto the national party seen. However, our ability to rage is something Rutgers students and alumni have known for a long time. Rutgers goes as hard, if not harder, than any other university in the nation. These are the 15 reasons why.
1. Because Jersey girls

2. Because they don’t call us Slutgers for nothing.

3. Because Delafest.

4. Because we get all the seasons in Jersey, we know how to party in any type of weather.

5. Because New York, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia are only a train ride away. New York is the capital of planet earth, Atlantic City is America’s junior varsity version of Las Vegas, and Philly is, well, Philly. Need I say more?

6. Because we’re the new kids on the Big Ten block and we’ve got something to prove. It’s like rushing a fraternity; we need to show we can hang with the big boys, so we’re going to go twice as hard to make sure we do.

7. Because shit got so out of hand last semester the university had to ban all fraternity parties for the last month of the year.

8. Because it’s more than just frat parties, the house parties are legendary.

9. But because the frat parties are also top of the line.

10. Because of the Jersey shore. No, not the television show, but the actual fucking awesome beach towns.
Once the warmer months roll around and school lets out for summer break, Rutgers takes it carnival of degenerates on the road, to some of the best beach towns and bars in the country. Legendary shore bars like Bar Anticipation (which on Tuesday nights has 25 cent beers from 8 until close. Its remarkable the recklessness that occurs), D’Jais, Headliners, Tiki Bar, Parker House, and The Osprey are just 40 minutes down the parkway from Rutgers.

11. Because we have a campus bus dedicated strictly to drunk kids. It’s called The Knight Mover, and it’s the real MVP.

12. Because of the fat sandwiches. A cuisine invented for and dedicated to drunk kids. You’re welcome, America.

13. Because there are over 75 bars and clubs in the Rutgers-New Brunswick area.

14. Because of the diversity. Teaching people from all over the world how to have headaches and hangovers is a gratifying experience.

15. Because New Jersey.

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