Ray Tensing, Cincinnati Campus Cop Shot Black Man In The Head

Sam Dubose Ray Tensing

Ray Tensing, a University of Cincinnati campus police officer, shot a black man named Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop around 6:30 PM because he allegedly did not have license plate on the front bumper. Ray Tensing is currently on administrative leave and police are reviewing footage from his body camera and from surrounding security cameras.

Update: The body camera footage has been released:

According to the report, Dubose and Tensing had a struggle of sorts through the window, at which point Dubose tried to drive away. Officer Tensing, who claims he had fallen to the ground during the struggle, then shot Dubose in the head.

“Officer Tensing…asked Mr. Dubose multiple times to provide a license,” University of Cincinnati police chief Jason Goodrich said at a press conference. “He produced a bottle of alcohol inside the car … but was unable to provide a driver’s license.”

Dubose has incredibly been arrested 75 times in Hamilton County over 20 years for non-violent offenses such as driving without a license, joyriding and having windows tinted too dark.

He leaves 13 children behind.

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