WATCH: Baltimore Rioter Slapped By Mom On News [VIDEO]

Things have gotten way out of control in Baltimore County following the death of Freddie Gray, but at least one mother is doing her best to make sure her son doesn’t get caught up in the rioting. Look what one CNN news crew caught live on camera:
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UPDATE: The mother, Toya Graham, spoke to news cameras and defended her actions after she learned her video had gone viral. See what she had to say here:

The craziest thing is that we’re pretty certain Baltimore PD saw this video and then issued this statement (which is probably a good idea)
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This mother is a true hero willing to beat her son on live television to keep him safe. But she’s not the only one in the city of Baltimore who’s trying to do her part. Check out these other, more non-violent protestors trying to keep their city in one piece.

You know who’s not doing a good job? The mothers below who could certainly learn a thing or two from this incredible woman.

H/T: BustedCoverage

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