The Formula For The Perfect Orgasm Has Surfaced, Take Notes

With our help – and Ann Summers’ – you can now achieve the perfect orgasm while simultaneously making sure that your partner gets theirs too. Cue James Brown’s “Sex Machine.”

Erotic retailer Ann Summers surveyed 1,000 women and 600 men to find out how they achieve the big ‘O.’ For women, there’s a few things needed:

According to participants, having a glass of wine (24%) combined with foreplay (24%), a vibrator (35%) and your current long term partner (45%) (sorry single people), creates the best orgasm your lady will ever have. However, if there’s any underlying stress lingering, you can forget about it; 35% of women said that stress is their biggest libido killer.

As for men, things are a bit more simple:


You dog, you. A dirty film (35%), two different positions – preferably doggy style (31%) and your woman on top (21%) – a little bit of lube (11%), plus a long term partner (43%) will get dudes there in no time. Except if it’s been a long night at the bar; 24% of survey takers said that too much alcohol will kill it for them.

Other deal breakers mentioned included being in a location with others nearby (19%), interruptions from children (13%) and being too hot (12%).

And for all those single people worried that they won’t achieve their ultimate climax, no worries – 18% said they could get there after some solo action.

We hope you’re a part of that 18%, for your sake.

[H/T: Metro]

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