WATCH: Redneck Bonfire Explosion Video Is Hilarious

Bonfire Explosion

Rednecks aren’t the smartest breed of Americans, but we love them anyways because hot damn do they like to blow stuff up. Watch and learn as they pour five gallons of gasoline over a lot of dried wood and try to set up a big ass bonfire.

This video isn’t new by any means but it’s making the rounds today and it’s definitely a good watch. In fact, it gets better every time. You pick up on different intricacies.

• First Ducky Dynasty dude is so pumped to look cool and get the fire started by the end of the countdown. Then he literally gets blown off his feet. Maybe next time he’ll take it a little slower.

• Second, he fills up what looks like a tub or a toilet with the last of the gasoline. That tub then falls down the pile, facing directly away from him. When the explosion happens, the burst goes away from him, blowing the toilet right into him.

• Third, these are actual screencaps from the explosion. HOLY. SHIT. He got rekd.

Bonfire Funny Video Funny Bonfire Video

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