Charlotte McKinney Gets Hacked, Crazy Photos Posted All Over Instagram

Charlotte McKinney‘s Instagram and Twitter accounts were hacked last night, and aside from her entire Twitter feed being deleted, several compromising photos of the blonde model were posted on Instagram. A topless photo surfaced last night but has since been taken down:
Several others remain, although it’s not entirely clear as to whether or not they are also part of the hack. While the photos are much less scandlous then the ones posted last night, the three most recent provide viewers with some pretty heavy sexual undertones:
The weirdness started yesterday evening when a post showed up on McKinney’s Instagram congratulating some random person on their app. Listed below the write-up were several spam follow links that led to a blank page.
Shortly after, numerous photos surfaced detailing McKinney’s supposed drunken evenings, including a pic of some chick housing a pizza, another topless photo of the model – complete with what looked to be bodily fluids smeared all over her chest with accompanying text that read “drunken nights lead to the best fun” – and one of a woman bent over in front of the camera without any clothes on.
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.41.49 AM
As for her several thousand Twitter followers, they shouldn’t expect much from the Lord anytime soon:
Really? Did you have to delete the photos too?!
Has the 23-year-old bombshell regained control? Or will this turn into another Fappening situation? We’ll be keeping a watch to find out.


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