Charlotte McKinney Hacked: Instagram Photo Confirms Takeover

After getting an eyeful of Charlotte McKinney last night, the blonde supermodel confirmed that her Instagram and Twitter were hacked.
Several minutes ago, McKinney posted the following message to her Instagram account:
Numerous revealing photos were posted on her Instagram account last night and into the early afternoon today, showing what most assumed was McKinney topless, bending over in front of the camera sans clothing, and bragging about her crazy drunken nights:
McKinney has not issued any statements on Twitter, which was completely cleared of all of her tweets and photos.
The 23-year-old model experienced something similar earlier this year when she was one of the many celebrity victims of The Fappening. While the photos this time around may not have been as bad – minus that totally bent over pic – it still sucks.
To whoever did this: lay off the hot celebrities and concentrate getting out of your mother’s basement more often.

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