The Sexiest Cosplay Girls At San Diego Comic Con You Need To Know About

Hottest Cosplay Models At San Diego Comic Con 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2015 will be the biggest event of the year for lots of entertainers, actors, and most importantly hot cosplayers. It’s one of the few times that (nearly all) the hottest cosplay women get under one roof and show off their favorite outfits. Just look at last year’s photos for proof.
So which of the world’s sexiest cosplayers will be in attendance this year? We did our own research and discovered the names and photos of the best-looking cosplay cuties who will be at SDCC 2015. Check out their photos below, then give them a follow to keep up with what they’re wearing.

Jessica Nigri

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Yaya Han

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VampyBitMe SDCC 2015

Linda Le

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 Crystal Graziano SDCC 2015

Crystal Graziano

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Luna Lanie SDCC 2015

Luna Lanie

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Sinne Doll

Sinne Doll

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Lyz B

Lyz Brickley

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Nadya Sonika

Nadya Anton

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The Raychul SDCC 2015

Raychul Moore

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We’re sure that we missed a good number of sexy cosplay models, so if you see someone we should include let us know! Until then, check out some photos from last year to see what’s to come. Our guess is that there’s going to be a lot of Mad Max stuff. WITNESS!

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