Airbnb Listing Taken Down After Too Much Boning

A Hollywood Hills Airbnb listing has been shut down after after neighbors complained that visitors were getting high, drunk, and boning out in the open. Things could be worse, right?
The mansion, owned by Dita de Leon, was available for $35 a night and listed as a “Hollywood Hills Camping Retreat.” According to de Leon’s neighbors, people were “buck naked, [and] doing sex out in open,” making the retreat sound more like an orgy getaway than anything else.
Neighbors complained that the banging was also taking place in their backyards, and that they were afraid to come out of their houses. The homeowner denies the stories, but Airbnb took down the listing anyway.
According to a statement issued to NBC4, Airbnb stated,

“The listing is no longer on the site. Airbnb guests expect unique and authentic travel experiences and in turn communities rightfully expect considerate visitors. We have had more than 40 million guests stay with Airbnb. Problems for hosts, guests and neighbors are extremely rare but when they happen, we work fast to make things right.”

Considering de Leon also rented out her RV to Wiz Khalifa for a video shoot recently, we wouldn’t be shocked if she was running an undercover, wilderness-inspired brothel. Whatever it is, we kind of want to be apart of it.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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