4th of July Weekend is Wild When You're Wasted [PHOTOS]

Aside from being patriotic and wearing the American flag like its our job, the Fourth of July pretty much means one thing: heavy drinking. All day.

Sure it’s great that we won our independence, but can’t it be argued that I’m celebrating this freedom in the best way possible?…Doing whatever the f*ck I want while wasted? I am not above running around naked with an American flag in one┬áhand, a beer in another, and ending the night passed out next to the toilet. (Luckily, the day lands on Saturday this year). Some people may think that I’m disrespectful; I just think that I’m showing my love for this great nation.

Check out our gallery below of people who certainly know how to ring in our 239 years of greatness:

Jenna Dewan: Hottest Photos on the Internet
Jenna Dewan: Hottest Photos on the Internet
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