US Women's Soccer: Hottest Players of World Cup 2015 Team

The US Women’s World Cup 2015 soccer team is the single hottest team in the competition, both on and off the field. While the USWNT and their fans would both agree that their group stage performance was less than what was expected, their dominance over Colombia reassured us that our women are feeling good.

For the most part, the World Cup 2015 roster is similar to what we saw in the Olympics back in 2012. Abby Wombach, Hope Solo, Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are still major players, but Megan Rapinoe has taken the reins as┬áthe best player on the team. We’re also now learning the names of new stars like Julie Johnston and Christine Press who are looking to make themselves fixtures on the USWNT.

Next up for the US is China, and then either France or Germany depending on who wins. The real kicker is that there’s a good chance we’ll face Japan once again in Finals, which is the rematch that everyone here in the States wants to see.

So get to know these women real well, because with enough hard work and determination we’ll see them at the podium with the trophy.

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