Lauren Hill Gets Brick Outside Indiana Basketball Hall Of Fame

One of the most inspirational stories over the past year was the story of Lauren Hill. Hill fought a brain tumor before passing away on April 10 at the age of 19. Fans and the basketball world will never forget her but thanks for one very generous person; her name will be at a Hall of Fame in a state that loves basketball like none other.

Shannon Freeman-Frogge and Hill never met each other but according to the Indianapolis Star, her daughters wrote letters and drew pictures for Hill and sent them to her every week. It is an inspirational story and Hill’s name will always be in the courtyard at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame where she belongs.
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It would be no surprise to anyone if more people don’t decide to make similar donations to get Hill’s name out there but starting in Indiana, the heart of basketball, is the perfect place. If this ends up being the only place where Hill’s name is at, so be it but Hill will be a hero to everyone out there fighting cancer and the basketball world will never allow her spirit to die.

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