WATCH: Man Breaks Arm While Arm Wrestling on TV Show

Watching a man break his arm while arm wrestling isn’t the most pleasant video to watch, but that’s exactly what you’re going to see when you click play on this video. The unfortunate soul is former NRL Australian rugby player Ben Ross who looks and sounded like he was in extreme pain after he went toe-to-toe with former player Wendell Sailor on The Footy Show.
Update: Alright, I’m sorry. I had no idea that the Australian word “footy” meant rugby. I thought that word meant “soccer.” Ben Ross is a former rugby player, not soccer player.
So much for proving that soccer players are tougher than rugby players, although I can assure you that the only flopping here is from Ben’s forearm.
The Footy Show took the whole event very seriously and wanted to make sure that everyone knew Ben was being rushed to the hospital.
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