Guys Hate Pubes on Women, According to New Survey

Huffington Post and AskMen teamed up to find out what men prefer when it comes to their woman’s bush, which is apparently absolutely nothing. According to the survey, 41% said they like their ladies completely bare and withering in pain from brazilian waxes, while 38% don’t mind a little something down there as long as it’s somewhat tamed. Au naturale, however was definitely not a fan favorite – only 5% of men said that they found it attractive.

Granted, not loving a wild bush is understandable – it makes it harder to find things – but unless a man undergoes the trauma of a brazilian wax, they should shut the f*ck up and get over themselves. Luckily those bare-loving douche bags have not left mid-hookup upon discovering their woman’s situation down there. Unless of course, there was some puss happening. Or so we assume.

Check out the detailed findings below.


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