WATCH: A FitBit For Your Dong Called "The Lovely"

The Lovely is a new toy currently on IndieGogo designed specifically for your manhood that will tell you all the bedtime metrics you never knew you needed to know. Think of it like a FitBit for your dong… that also doubles as a vibrator.

[vimeo 129459790 w=640 h=360]
At the time of publishing, The Lovely IndieGogo campaign has already raised $21K+ in just seven days and are well on their way towards reaching their goal.

Right now, The Lovely is available on the IndieGoGo page for $129 as an Early Bird Special. But the question is, do you really need to buy this? The answer to that question is unequivocally “No,” but if you’re actually interested in improving your performance it might be worth a look. Just don’t borrow your friends’ as a test run.
Truthfully, I’m less excited for this as a product as I am to see the eventual weird marketing ploys they use to get this out in the real world. And by “weird marketing ploys,” I mean the videos where James Deen or some other adult male star will wear one in a scene and then talk about how impressed he was with how many calories he burned or how long he lasted. Like, yeah bro, you’re a professional.
If a real dude used this and then checked his smart phone for his performance, likely all that he’d see was an unhappy face emoticon.
Anyways, mark my words. That’s the smart play here. That’s what the people who made the Fleshlight did, and lord knows how popular that turned out.
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