Jennifer Lopez Officially Too Sexy For Morocco, Claims Lawsuit [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez is being sued by…well, Morocco, we think. Maybe by everybody in the North African nation. We’re not really good at reading lawsuits. We do know, however, that, Jennifer performed in Morocco on May 29th in a show broadcast on the local airwaves. It was the kind of performance that anyone would know to expect of J.Lo. In fact, this is some of it right here…
Well, it seems that Jennifer Lopez still has it–if “it” means the ability to incite riots. Now a lawsuit filed by the ruling Justice and Development Party claims that Jennifer  “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.” That could involve a sentence of up to 2 years in prison if Jennifer is found guilty.
More likely, of course, J.Lo would just ban herself from Morocco, like Beyonce is banned from Malaysia and Lady Gaga was ruled to be too sexy for Indonesia. Good for Jennifer for getting banned at the MILFish age of 45, though. She’s earned the honor–as you can see by revisiting Jennifer’s 22 hottest photos on the internet…

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