Emmanuelle Chriqui: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Emmanuelle Chriqui¬†is on the big screen in Entourage this weekend–and a vital plot point involves her breasts being bigger! Sadly, Entourage‘s move to the multiplexes is not available in 3D. Furthermore, Emmanuelle Chriqui’s character of Sloan is pregnant throughout the entire movie. This could definitely affect the box office.
But we’re still happy to see our beloved Emmanuelle getting more attention. The Honest Trailer for Entourage is pretty great, but our version would’ve just been a few minutes of us mumbling, “Emmanuelle Chriqui” over and over again. It would be honest, too.
We’re also about to start checking out¬†Emmanuelle when she returns to the small screen on TNT’s second season of Murder in the First. And to really start up our Emmanuelle Summer Fever, let’s take a look back at some of her hottest photos that have accrued on the internet ever since she became the best thing about Entourage. Well, except for whenever we saw Johnny Drama’s syndicated Viking show. We liked that a lot. They should make a big-screen version…

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