Dude Builds $900 Burger at McDonalds ‘Create Your Taste’ Kiosk

Moshe Tamssot knows how to build a burger.

McDonalds’ new Create Your Taste kiosk is bringing out the true artists, Tamssot case in point. The tech entrepreneur forewent the basic cheeseburger in favor of something much more ambitious and filling. His final burg consisted of¬†10 pieces of bacon, 30 slices of cheese, 10 guacamole servings, two patties, tomatoes, lettuce and a sh*t ton of sauces that weighed a final 3.8 lbs. Rightfully deemed “The Big Max,” the burger was so gargantuan, it had to be served on two different trays.

The man is a legend. Check out the video below, which shows his masterpiece in the making.

[H/T: FoodBeast]

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