WATCH: Taylor University ‘Silent Night’ Game Baffles Basketball Fans [VIDEO]

Taylor University 10 Point Basketball Court Rush

Taylor University has a pretty weird basketball tradition, but it never gets much attention because Taylor U is a private evangelical Christian college tucked away in Upland, Indiana, and the program there isn’t a particular big deal. But we guess everyone’s looking for weird Christian stuff from Indiana nowadays, and that’s why everyone’s confused about Taylor University’s annual “Silent Night” basketball game–which, as usual, was played in December, but the internet has a hang time.

Anyway, here’s video of the annual pre-finals Silent Night Men’s Basketball game, where everyone stays quiet in the game until the first 10 points are scored. Then the crowd goes wild and storms the court. It’s expected, so don’t watch this and wonder why the refs aren’t shutting things down. Damn, ESPN broadcast the game last year. People should know this by now.

We mainly like the idea of this because we used to think silence would intimidate opponents. It might work. Last year’s game was a 91-59 win over Kentucky Christian. Then everyone went and made gingerbread houses at the big campus party afterwards. Maybe video will come out from that next year, and really confuse the college basketball fans…

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