Arguably The Wildest Spring Break Trip We've Seen [VIDEO]

We use hyperbole a lot when it comes to the awesome videos we post, but that’s because it’s what the people want. The truth of the matter though is that this Spring Break trip you’re about to see looks dope AF. It was filmed by I’m Shmacked while partying with XTremeTrips in Puerto Vallerta.
Days by the pool with dimes from UF, Vanderbilt, Michigan and nights in the club with Arty. Life could be a hell of a lot worse.
And this is just Week 1. Damn.

Gator bros

Mo’ UF Gators

UM Michigan bros decided ski trips were a bad idea. We see you “big blue.”

Vanderbilt in the house

Our favorite clip. THERE. ARE. NO. RULES

Big Blue.

More Gator chomp

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WATCH: USC FIJI "Islander 2015" Fraternity Party Video
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