WATCH: USC FIJI "Islander 2015" Fraternity Party Video

USC’s FIJIs threw one hell of an “Islander” themed fraternity party and they’ve got the video to prove it. Like the Phi Kappa Psi “Frost” party, FIJI hired ExtremeGreeks to film and document the whole thing.
The best part is that these crazy kids threw the party at their own house, not a rented out venue. That’s how you know you have a legit house.
Good call, because this is one of the better parties we’ve seen on COED. Everyone seemed to adhere to the dress code, and a lot of the females took liberties with the luau theme.
Check out photos from the event below.

ASU Spring Break 2015 Goes Global [PHOTOS + VIDEO]
ASU Spring Break 2015 Goes Global [PHOTOS + VIDEO]
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