Now Google Can Teach You How To Make Your Favorite Mix Cocktail

Today Google announced that it had added cocktail recipes to its Knowledge Graph, meaning that users will be greeted with everything they need to know about drinks they’re searching for–including the ingredients, preparation, how they’re served, garnishes, and drinkware.
If you do the search on your desktop or laptop, the recipe should be located on the left of your screen. We used Dark ‘N’ Stormys as an example because they’re delicious.

If you search on mobile, the recipe will be the top result.

You can also tell Google, “OK Google, make me a cocktail” but nothing will happen. You need to be more specific. Even though Google probably knows what cocktail you drink the most (because they’re data mining the sh*t out of you 24/7), they’re not willing to admit they know it. Yet.
Believe it or not, for 2015, the Moscow Mule topped the list of most-searched cocktails, followed by the Margarita and the Bloody Mary.

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