Arizona Diamondbacks Debut "The Churro Dog"

Every year there is a new item that professional sports teams decide to put on their menus looking to get the attention of the fans. The Arizona Diamondbacks used an 18-inch bacon and cheese stuffed corn dog to gain that attention. This year, the team has introduced “The Churro Dog” which is a warm cinnamon churro inside a chocolate-glazed Long John and then topped with frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauce.
The entire dessert comes in at an overwhelming 1,117 calories and will cost $8.50 at Chase Field this season. It is clear that teams just want to come up with the most outrageous thing possible at this point. Who thinks of putting yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauce on top of a warm churro that is stuffed inside of a donut?
The D-Bat Dog from last season sold over 9,500 times even though it was $25. The Churro Dog is probably going to be even more popular because the price is lower and it is a cooler item to eat on those hot Arizona days. Who knows what the next thing will be that a team comes up with but the Diamondbacks have put the bar very high.

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