Alexandra Breckenridge Reanimates Us On 'The Walking Dead' [PHOTOS]

Alexandra Breckenridge makes her Walking Dead debut tonight, and we hope that means that she’ll be around for a while. After all, the gang of anti-walker warriors are wandering into the town of Alexandria tonight. The place is practically named after our favorite redhead. Or blonde, or sometimes brunette. Alexandra has a lot of different looks.
She’s worked those looks in all kinds of great genre productions, too. We’ve been awed by Alexandria as one of the hot babes of American Horror Story and the vampish vixens of True Blood. We’re not sure why this haunting beauty keeps landing in creepy territory, but we’re not complaining. Maybe there’ll be room for her in an upcoming season of Bates Motel, too.
We’re assuming she’ll need the work. We’ll be really happy if Alexandra is actually a Walking Dead regular now, but we all know what really happens when Rick Grimes and Lauren Cohan‘s Maggie Greene arrive at a perfectly functioning town. They screw it all up for everybody. Take a look at these Alexandra Breckenridge pics, though, and see why we’d be happy if Alexandra outlived them all…

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