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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN—-Emma Roberts, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Sarah Paulson


We’ve already gone on about Carly Pope on The Tomorrow People and Mindy Robinson on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tonight–but there’s more boob tube action with tonight’s debut of the third season of American Horror Story. This year’s installment is officially called American Horror Story: Coven. The coven in question is a group of witches, and you need at least three of them to have an official Wiccan gathering. Coven, however, looks set to cram in a whole bunch of witchy women. That includes pioneering GILF Jessica Lange as the head witch in question. We also know that veteran actress Frances Conroy will play her longtime rival, while Angela Basset will be a voodoo priestess.

There’s also Kathy Bates as an evil Southern gal who tortures her Civil War-era slaves. That’s a reminder that Coven is taking place across two periods of time. The only other thing we know for sure is that the main plot involves old-time voodoo versus the original witches of Salem, Massachusetts. Oh, there’s also the important matter of the hottest gals in the Coven cast. Actually, we’ll note that we’re only talking about the Coven cast that we know about so far. It’s a gathering of gals that’ll conjure up a spirit in your pants!  And then you might want to check out a look at the recent ladies of True Blood….

Emma Roberts

Her role in Coven was probably meant to prove that Emma Roberts is all grown up now. Emma’s management must not have been expecting Meet the Millers to take off at the box-office. Now we’ve all seen Emma engaged in crude jokes while tooling around the country with a load of marijuana. Coven should be Emma’s big respectable move, though. Meet the Millers didn’t get much critical acclaim. We have plenty of praise for the fine job that Emma has done at turning into a hot young lady–but, seriously, we just can’t date her while her father is still alive. Eric Roberts scares us more than anything on American Horror Story.

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Alexandra Breckenridge

We thought that 2011 was going to be a huge year for Alexandra Breckenridge. She had been working steadily as an indie actress, but that was the year that Alexandra landed roles in both True Blood and the debut season of American Horror Story. Alexandra really got lots of attention as, respectively, a scheming witch and a ravishing redhead in a maid’s uniform. Sadly, Hollywood didn’t pounce on Alexandra in the same way that guys were thinking about making that move. Maybe she was happy to just take it easy while keeping up her recurring voice work on Family Guy. Alexandra had a role on the short-lived NBC show Save Me, but that just left us wanting to see more of her. It was a very big deal to a lot of horror fans when it was announced that Alexandra was returning to the American Horror Story crew…er, coven.

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Sarah Paulson

American Horror Story has done a lot for Sarah Paulson as a sex symbol. Before that, she had a small cult of admirers who loved her icy sensuality on shows like Deadwood and the short-lived American Gothic. It was pretty exciting when Sarah showed up as pioneering nudie photographer Bunny Yeager in the biopic The Notorious Bettie Page. Comic book icon Frank Miller also appreciated Sarah’s sultry presence, but she was wasted in his directorial debut with the big-screen bomb The Spirit. Sarah only ended up on the first American Horror Story at Jessica Lange’s request. Her small turn as a psychic in the first season was expanded into a splashy role in the second season’s Asylum story line. Sarah was plenty enticing as a lesbian heroine trying to survive a house of horrors. We don’t know what role she’ll play out in Coven, but we know that even more people will start knocking themselves out to Sarah’s subtle sexuality. Well, maybe it could be less subtle this season…

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