TRUE BLOOD: Our Five Favorite Vamps for Season Five

It’s hard to say if we watch True Blood for the old-fashioned horror elements or the contemporary modern parables. That’s mainly because we watch True Blood for the amazing parade of supernatural vixens who stalk the swamps of HBO’s hit series. Season 5 launched last night with even more amazing new ladies, including Valentina Cervi and Lucy Griffiths–plus a gorgeous guest star in Rachel Sterling! That’s one way to make sure we’ll stay tuned for another batch of story arcs. True Blood also impresses us with its mix of classic beauties and offbeat sex symbols. Let’s take a look at the blood-sucking babes who’ve fascinated us over the past four seasons. There’s also a shapeshifter, a drainer, and a bewitching Wiccan–and when you’re done here, check out our recent tributes to True Blood‘s Ashley Jones and Christina Moore!

Anna Paquin may be the star of the show, but Deborah Ann Woll has enjoyed True Blood’s most compelling story. She started out as a repressed Southern gal who’s loosened up plenty as a vicious vampire. It’s also been amazing to watch this sweet redhead go from ravishing to ravenous. Woll has shown off an amazing range on True Blood, and it’s always fun to see her reacting to the show’s weird twists.

She plays a vampire who’s 160 years old, but Kristin Bauer van Straten looks like a prime MILF to us. She also brings an icy beauty to her sweetly sardonic character. We’d like to see Kristen’s television work show off more of her character’s bisexual tendencies from the True Blood books–but we’re already enjoying what we’re getting from Kristen’s cunning work.

Janina Gavankar made a lasting impression on us as a lusty lesbian on the old Showtime series The L Word. Now we’ve gone loony for her as sultry shapeshifter Luna Garza on True Blood. She’s mostly spent the show working through her feelings for a nice guy who’s risking his life by pursuing her romantically. That’s because Luna is married to a werewolf with a very bad temper. We’d risk it.

You’d think you could fall for a bloodsucker and expect the character to be around for a while. The joke was on us when Lizzy Caplan showed on True Blood as a kinky mortal with an addiction to vampire blood. Lizzy’s character ended up being more dangerous than any vampire. Her character didn’t even make it through the first season–but we still have our memories, and some well-worn DVDs.

Alexandra Breckenridge recently won over horror fans with her scandalous turn as a sensual young maid on the FX series American Horror Story. She was equally amazing as a scheming Wiccan gal on True Blood last year. Now we’re on the edge of our seats hoping Alexandra will be back for more intrigue this season. Until then, we’ll maintain our own Alexandra cult by listening for one of her many regular appearances on Family Guy. Sometimes they draw her character real sexy…

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