Vanilla Ice Busted For Stealing, Takes Nice Mugshot [VIDEO]

Vanilla Ice was arrested for allegedly stealing some stuff from a house in Florida, and we’re sure it was all a misunderstanding because everyone knows that Vanilla Ice is now an interior decorator with his very own show–The Vanilla Ice Project–on the Home & Garden network, so he doesn’t have to do that kind of thing. Right?
Anyway, the cops in Lantana, Florida still say that Vanilla Ice was working on a house and then said something like, “Hmmm, I wonder if there’s anything cool in that house in foreclosure next door that I could lift as easily as a classic bass line from a song performed by Queen and David Bowie?”

And the cops say that Vanilla Ice then followed that thought by busting into the place and swiping some bicycles, and a pool heater, and some furniture. In defense of Vanilla Ice, we’ll just note that he’s a celebrity, and they’re given cool stuff all the time for totally free, and that can get confusing. Also, he still takes a nice mugshot (see above).

And here’s what Vanilla Ice looks like when he’s improving a home, instead of allegedly stealing from one. We’d still hire him…


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