The “Around The World Party” At Illinois State University Cost $6K+ In Booze

ISU around the world party

The annual “Around the World Party” at Illinois State University has been one of the best off-campus affairs for a few years. The idea is simple enough–it’s a massive house crawl involving different national drinks at different houses–but this year it was taken to a whole new level.

According to organizers of the event, exactly $6833.28 was spent on booze that included:

• Mexico: 30 cases of Tecate, 30 cases of Corona Extra, 9 handles of Jose (pre cut limes)
• Germany: 30 cases of Becks, 30 cases of Pauli Girl, 16 bottles of Rumple Minze, 16 bottle of Goldschlager
• Ireland: 30 cases of Guinness, 25 cases of Harps, 25 cases of Smithwicks, 9 handles of Jameson, 14 bottles of Baileys
• America: 50 cases of Budweiser, 2 handles of Fireball.

The party was actually held back in November, but people are just now talking about “Around The World” again because the afterparty video has finally been finished. Watch it here:

Crazy, right? Some of our best college memories were made in cold backyards like the ones you see here. Although I can pretty much assure you that at least one guy regrets some of his behavior.

Around the World illinois state house crawl

But the winner of Around the World by a long shot goes to this chick who’s willing to admit that she couldn’t have completed the house crawl if she’d had 80 days to do it.

ISU around the world

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