Going To Cancun For Spring Break? Don't Watch This!

If you’re going to Cancun on Spring Break, don’t watch this documentary called “Uncovering Spring Break’s Hidden Underbelly” that shows how mass tourism is actually killing the city. Or do watch it and reaffirm the fact that you’re a horrible human being.
I’m totally kidding about the whole thing, there’s no way we’d actually expect you to watch any video that’s 40+ minutes long. Cancun is totally fine, just don’t do anything sketchy in the bathroom because they’re definitely watching you. And by “they,” we mean the Mexican cartels who 100% run the city. Also, taxi drivers are usually good people to ask for drugs.
Have fun delinquents.

Surfers Come Across Kilo Of Cocaine Worth $100K
Surfers Come Across Kilo Of Cocaine Worth $100K
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