WATCH: Afroman Hits A Girl Onstage, People Were There To Film It [VIDEO]

Afroman Hits Girl Video

We didn’t expect to start the day talking about Afroman in the news–but he is, and for a really sucky reason. He hit a girl onstage, and we live in a world where people have been known to be videotaping people during concerts nowadays. That means the world is seeing Afroman hitting a girl onstage.

Some people are saying “slapped” instead of “hit,” but we’re thinking this gets close to being a proper punch. Afroman also gets close to recreating a scene from Million Dollar Baby, if you know what we mean. And even if you don’t, this is a serious damn incident–even if the girl getting hit is really a grown woman who, yes, might have had too much to drink, and was acting like an idiot. This GIF still isn’t presented for entertainment value…

Afroman Hits Girl

And yet there are plenty of people willing to find this funny and make some rationalizations. We admit that we found it fairly humorous when Justin Bieber got whacked by a water bottle onstage, and maybe that time when a guy fell from the rafters at an A$AP Rocky show. But this is a really bad scene from Afroman here.

Check out this longer video from the Biloxi, Mississippi show, too. Afroman is going to have a hard time supporting his initial claim that he was just surprised by an intruder on stage. That’s what he told the cops. Yeah, Afroman was arrested, thankfully.¬†We also think he’s about to lose a big chunk of whatever’s left of his dwindling one-hit fortune…

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