Justin Bieber Gets Whacked With Water Bottle During Concert In Brazil [VIDEO]

Wait, women are allowed to go shirtless in public in Brazil? Did not know that fun little tidbit. You don’t become one of the The World’s Most Searched Women on the Internet by not pushing the limits.

Justin Bieber apparently made some Brazilians angry over the weekend as he, according to The Telegraph, A) Showed up to the concert an hour and 20 minutes late. B) Was three hours late to a meet and greet fans who paid more than $1,000 to shake hands with the star and C) Kicked a Brazilian flag that was thrown on the walkway through the crowd. A solid trifecta for the Biebs.

Oh, and he stormed off stage directly after this never to return without even making an announcement, making his fans wait for over a half hour to see if he was coming back.

Can you say drama mama?

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