Valentine's Day: 10 Best Dive Bars To Meet Singles

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for those of you with significant others, why are you reading this? You should be out there finalizing your last minute dinner plans.
I’m here to focus on the rest of us on #TeamSingle–someone’s gotta look out for us.
Now I know most of us would rather stay home binge watching episodes of House of Cards instead of going out and taking the risk of running into couples that would make us inherently feel bad about being single. I’m here to let you know that we need not be afraid anymore, the solution has arrived. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best dive bars to meet singles in NYC.

Planet Rose

East Village

The perfect medley for drinkers who sing and singers who drink, this karaoke bar allows you to live out your inner rockstar fantasy. With red velvet and zebra print chairs and sofa’s, this is sheer tacky awesomeness with good patrons and good vibes.


Rudy’s Bar & Grill

Hells Kitchen, Midtown West

You had me at free hot dogs – Yes, free hot dogs. This historic dive bar located in the heart of Hells Kitchen with its signature pig in a red blazer guarding the door is the epitome of what a dive bar is and should be. With a diverse crowd and cheep price, this establishment is a must visit for everyone.


Iron Horse

Financial District

Don’t let its location fool you, this little gem in the heart of over-priced fancy bars is a place to visit. With a swing above the bar, a pool table in the back and a photo booth, what more do you need to meet singles?



East VIllage

WARNING: Enter at your own risk. This bar is dangerous and i mean dangerous in a VERY good way. Located on the busy 3rd Ave, this bar offers the deal of the century – 5 shots of anything for $10. I repeat, 5 shots of anything for $10 and they even offer happy hour special. To fully enjoy your night and maximize your fun, don’t spend more than an hour. Otherwise, you may require assistance getting home.



169 Bar

Lower East Side

The brain child of the former lead singer/guitarist of the band “The Normals”. The bars carries with it a feel from the 70’s with it’s aesthetics and decor. Go-go dancers, a zebra lined pool table and old TV’s playing old James Bond flick, this is definitely a time travel to the past I’m in love with.


Johnny’s Bar

West Village

Great place to saddle up, knock back some cheap drinks, listen to some great tunes, meet some cool people and bask in the refreshing lack of pretense. It knows what it is and does a great job at it.


The Patriot Saloon


This is truly a dive bar so please do not expect to walk out of here with your liver intact, or your dignity. It is a legitimate 5 star dive bar based on drink pricing and level of fun you have while there.




Live crowd, great atmosphere and loads of places to sit. It’s pride and joy is the GINGER YUM YUM so be sure to get one.


McSorley’s Old Ale House

East Village

Established in 1854, this is the oldest Irish tavern in New York City and not much has changed since then. They make the art of drinking really simple by only offering  2 choices – light or dark beer, so no fancy drinks or shots here. If you like a bit of history and charm with your alcohol, then this is your spot.

Down The Hatch

West Village

This places gives me the “How I Met Your Mother” Vibe every time. Great crowd and even better prices and drink specials. Lots of room for beer pong and other drinking games.

Drunk Driving More Dangerous Than Stoned Driving: Report
Drunk Driving More Dangerous Than Stoned Driving: Report
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