Drunk Driving More Dangerous Than Stoned Driving: Report

According a new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, statistics show that drunk driving is more dangerous than stoned driving.
The numbers show that drunk drivers are 600% more likely to crash their car than if you’ve been smoking. And after adjusting for age, gender, and race, those same statistics show that drivers who tested positive for marijuana  were no more likely to crash than who had not used any drugs or alcohol prior to driving.

(Source: Washington Post)

The toughest thing about the study is that as every pot smoker knows, just because THC is in your system doesn’t mean that you’ve been smoking recently. For that reason, the NHTSA is quick to point out that “At the current time, specific drug concentration levels cannot be reliably equated with a specific degree of driver impairment.”
So just remember, that smoking and driving is the lesser of two evils. It’s still illegal.

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