Pizza Delivery Guy Harassed By Auto Guys: The Scandal Continues [VIDEOS]

Pizza Delivery Guy Harassed By Auto Guys

This week’s biggest viral video was also a reminder that the public loves the loyal servants who regularly bring pizza to our doorsteps. In fact, the world quickly rallied around pizza guy Jarrid Tansey, now of Pizza Palace fame. That’s in the wake of F&R Auto (now infamously located in Wesport, Massachusetts) tried to humiliate the guy with a Youtube video that backfired big time.

That’s Mr. Tansey in the beard and black hat above–getting yelled at by the F&R staffers who made him drive all the way out to the dealership to return an excess tip. That could conceivably be legit, except that the F&R creeps gave Tansey $50 on a $42 delivery. And they paid it in two $20 and two $5 bills.

Yeah. So they then called up Pizza Palace to complain that Tansey ran off with an extra $5–that, as Tansey patiently explains in the video, was pretty damn obviously meant to be a tip. Otherwise, they just gave him a $5 bill so that they could call back to Pizza Palace and complain to the manager.

Here’s the original lousy incident, and we’re still impressed at how Tansey keeps his cool…

Remember that it was the douchebags at F&R Auto who posted that video, too. Yeah. They thought it was super cool. Other people didn’t. The video went viral, and fundraiser began to get Mr. Tansey that tip he deserved. F&R Auto began to experience the usual humiliations of bad Yelp! reviews and crank phone calls.

Then one of the F&R cretins jumped in with a phone call to some local morning DJs. That did not help his cause…

That appearance probably brought in a whole new slew of obscene phone calls to the business. We don’t approve of that kind of thing.

And finally, here’s the official apology from an F&R Auto management guy, who wants you to know that none of those guys sitting at desks were any kind of management. We’re not sure how sincere this apology is, but we do believe that F&R Auto is really, really sorry about that Youtube video being posted. We’re glad, though. We love internet justice…

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