‘Best New Movie Trailers’ Roundup Is a Pretty Cool Instant Trivia Game [VIDEO]

Best New Movie Trailers Roundup Video January 2015

It’s time for Fandango to once again release its monthly “Best New Movie Trailers – January 2015 Edition”–which doesn’t really make any sense, since these aren’t trailers from January 2015, and these movies won’t all be coming out in 2015. It’s still a fun video to watch and see how many movies you can recognize. COED readers obviously won’t have any problems glomming onto Entourage and Mad Max: Fury Road and Jupiter Ascending and Divergent: Insurgent.

There are some other movies that you might not recognize, though. We’re going nuts trying to remember this train pic from above. We’re pretty sure that’s one that we’ve written about, but we’re drawing a blank. Oh, well. That’s part of the fun, and we won’t pretend to be know-it-alls when we’re really looking stuff up. So enjoy some real action-packed footage here–and there are lots of hints to fill in the blanks at the end of the video….

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