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“Jupiter Ascending” Trailer: Mila Kunis In Space For ’80s Show [VIDEO]


New Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer for Jupiter Ascending–the troubled sci-fi movie that was supposed to be released next month, but had its release date pushed back to February 6th, 2015. That’s supposedly because the Wachowski Siblings (who gave us The Matrix movies) needed more time to fix up the special effects for this tale of Mila Kunis as a Chosen One out to save the universe.

Judging from the look of this trailer, though, the movie should be pushed back all the way to 1986. There are a few characters here who look straight out of some direct-to-VHS sci-fi schlock from that troubled decade. We’re thinking that Warner Bros figured out that Jupiter Ascending needed a lot less competition to make any impact. Especially since a lot of Jupiter Ascending‘s storyline seems to basically be The Matrix with a lot less gravity. Literally. Anyway, check it out and see how excited all this mayhem gets you…

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