Mugshot of the Year, Late Entry: Guy Who 'Fought Everyone' And Lost [VIDEO]

Edward Miller of Hartford, Connecticut went full-blown Screech in the metropolis of nearby West Hartford over the weekend–and the glorious result is a late contender for Mugshot of the Year. It seems that the 21-year-old set out to pretty much fight everybody at a local restaurant. That included the police who were called in to the incident.
Alcohol might have been involved. The cops sure got involved. Check out the video below from WTNH, as the reporters do a fine job of keeping a straight face while marveling at how Miller kept brawling even after getting pepper-sprayed. Miller also took the time to kick out the back window of a police car.
Charges include interfering with a police officer, first degree criminal mischief, and breach of peace–but, man, that’s a cool mugshot. Check out the video below for more about how it happened…

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