2014's Most Searched Beers: Google Says the King of Internet Searches Is…

Google Most Searched Beers

What was 2014’s most-searched beer on the internet? We won’t argue with Google’s official listing. We’re just kind of surprised at a few names that made the Top Ten. We guess that the #1 slot makes sense, though. The only baffling thing about that is figuring out who needs to learn more about the King of Internet Searches. [photo:John Gichigi/Getty]
We’re also surprised that the #1 beer’s lite version isn’t in the Top Five–but it’s definitely in the Top 10. Take a look for yourself, and cheer on those underdog brews that made it big on the internet…

1) Budweiser (maybe due to those cool Budweiser crates)

2) Corona (hopefully not for the recall over glass particles)

3) Keystone (a big surprise, considering how we usually hear more talk about Keystone Light)

4) Miller (this might be connected to Miller Lite making the news late in the year with home delivery)

5) Blue Moon (they sure got our interest this year with the Cinnamon Horchata Ale)

6) Coors (worthy of attention once they announced Amanda Mertz as NASCAR’s Miss Coors Light)

7) Bud Light (we’d have bet on this one topping the searches over the Whatever, USA promotion)

8) Pabst Blue Ribbon (mostly making the news when the PBR brand was invaded by Russians)

9) Modelo (a surprise here, but the beer had a great 2014 in sales)

10) Sierra Nevada (we’re also hoping this was a late Top 10 rally over Christmas Jam Sessions Ale)

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