Budweiser Brings Out 10,000 Vintage Wooden Crates For Winter [VIDEO]

Budweiser has unveiled some amazing wooden crates for the holiday season, and this is definitely a gift that keeps on giving. Beer is, after all, one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give during the holidays. The packaging could be a little more formal, though.
That problem gets solved with the manly Budweiser Wooden Crate–meant to celebrate Friendsgiving, which is a nice way of covering all the holiday seasons at once. This isn’t just a way to hand out some beers. This is handing out beers that come in a handmade wooden crate with a generous 18 Budweiser bottles featuring vintage labels from 1918, 1933, and 1976.
The catch, though, is that there are only 10,000 of these wooden crates hitting store shelves. That means you have to go out and find them.
It’s worth the search. You don’t just get some quality beer and a quality crate. You also get (or give) two really nice Pilsner glasses–and that crate, which is going to look really cool when you put it next to your couch to store important stuff while also using the crate as a small end table. Well, that’s what we’re doing with the crate. It’s versatile. We’re all going to wish there was a lot more than 10,000 of these out in the world.
But the holidays aren’t just about crates, you know. The holidays are also about Friendsgiving, and Budweiser wants to launch the big idea as a movement to have a reunion with your friends. There’s even a video. Check it out, since these all seem like nice people–and then go hunt down one of these Budweiser wooden crates for yourself, or to give as a gift. We’re keeping ours…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhdSGRBmwkQ]

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