WATCH: Is This 'Stand With Hillary' Music Video The Dirtiest Political Trick Ever?

There’s a new music video out there doubling as a political ad for encouraging Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016–and it’s incredibly bad enough to feel like a political dirty trick. You get all kinds of stereotypes that pander to the American heartland. You get a hokey country song that begins by talking about hindsight. You even get our proud male spokesperson literally breaking the metaphorical glass ceiling.
The whole thing simply adds up to a major cringefest, and it’s tough to imagine the Hillary supporter who’d sign off on this crappy video. There are plenty of Hillary supporters who are already kind of disgusted…

Take a look for yourself. The website promoting this Hillary Super PAC seems legit enough. It’s still okay to be suspicious that this is a plot to make Hillary Clinton supporters look like major idiots. And–if you can bear it–there’s an even worse one out there, too…

The Most Ridiculous Commercial Cliches [Links]
The Most Ridiculous Commercial Cliches [Links]
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