The Most Ridiculous Commercial Cliches [Links]


Obviously you don’t have to work in the advertising industry to know that TV commercials are constantly lying to us. You’ve got to hand it to them though, because we often don’t realize how ridiculous they actually are. Our friends over at The Huffington Post have compiled a list of 13 commercial cliches that we just aren’t buying anymore. CLICK HERE to be enlightened.

And here are some more interesting links that our air-headed intern forgot to post…

The Situation is so broke he’s selling his car tires [TMZ]

You’re going to want to meet this FSU cheerleader [Busted Coverage]

This is what Morgan from Boy Meets World looks like now [College Candy]

Ariana Grande wears sexy outfit to greet fans [OK Magazine]

Did 30 Rock call Bill Cosby a racist in 2009? [The Superficial]

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