‘Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland’ Cast Pics Are Happening [VIDEO]

Blue Mountain State Movie Reunion Picture

The big-screen Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland seems to really be happening–which is great news for fans of the Blue Mountain State television show. We wish that there were more of them. Only an elite few know of Blue Mountain State as a brilliant college-drama parody that ran for one special season in 2010 on Spike TV (and on MTV pretty much everywhere else in the world).

As it turns out, though, a cult television show just needs a few fans to get a reunion movie happening. Especially when people are willing to work for cheap–like Frankie Shaw, who got her start on Blue Mountain State before moving on to the short-lived Mixology. (It was also nice to see her with Stephanie Corneliessen in the recent Hello Ladies: The Movie.)

Shaw posted the above official reunion pic on her Facebook page, and it’s pretty damn heartwarming. Then she went over to her Instagram account to add a Goat House 2014 pic that’s also touching…

Blue Mountain State Movie Reunion Shot Goat House

It’s also downright exciting to know that Denise Richards and Meghan Heffern are also returning to Blue Mountain. This one’s really anticipated, especially with that title. And if you’re new to Blue Mountain, then check out this highlight reel below of why Thadland is going to be a very special place…

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