Meghan Heffern on “Backpackers” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Meghan Heffern on Backpackers

(8:30 PM EST, The CW)

Your pals at the See Her Tonight column usually don’t pay much attention to sitcoms showing up via The CW, because those things are usually as short-lived as a COED paycheck. But we’re still paying attention to the wandering twentysomething comedy called Backpackers, because it has Meghan Heffern wandering back into our living rooms.

Our minds have been wandering about Meghan Heffern ever since she made a big impression as the best thing about the 2005 remake of The Fog. Meghan then showed up to cheer on some action in American Pie Presents Beta House–which meant she got included in our recent epic look at all the sexiest gals of the American Pie series. The captivating Canadian gal also showed up in the high-class Chloe, which was really a medium-budget take on erotic thrillers from the ’80s.

Meghan then got officially cool with a role on the cult comedy Blue Mountain State. She looks set to return in the upcoming big-screen version, too. Meghan has a lot of projects in the works, which is pretty good news considering that Backpackers probably doesn’t have much of a future. Check out these pics, though, and see why you’ll be tuning in to Meghan in the very near future……

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